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Holistic Consultations for

women Children and families 

Using a variety of Alternative health care options

 Specializing in Womens Health and children 

 Special needs children always welcome

Dairy & other food allergies 

Learn to read labels & what to watch for to avoid dairy and other food allergens.meal planning, dairy substitutes, recipes, other items to avoid that may contain any 1 of the  over 100 names dairy hides under.

 Health and Wellness, Weight Control, nutrition, adding herbs to daily life and much more

 I use Herbs, 


Temperaments(typology) Reflexology and more.


Nutrition, Reflexology, Typology, Herbs, Aromatherapy


Whole body Wellness


 Mind Body Spirit

Physical Emotional Spiritual

So who am I? I am a wife and home schooling mom to 10, I have 4 still at home.

I am Certified in Nutritional Health, Reflexology, and Typology, I am a practicing Herbalist. I am still studying Aromatherapy, and Finishing school for a degree as a Naturopath and a degree in Unani Tibb Medicine. I have applied the knowledge from my schooling and consulting to make rubs, creams, balms,baths and other Natural products! I was lead to research natural products due to allergies my family and I were experiencing at home with everyday products, cleaning products and personal care products. My interest, knowledge and studies of Alternative Health care, and Natural products are what enabled me to develop my own products and help others with making or buying their own. I use what I learn to help my family & friends live healthier lifes and take control of their health, bodies and lives.

I hope to help others, guide them, empower them so they can improve their life and continue the path. The Cleaver Leaf Newsletter is meant to answer questions many have and help guide others.