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Guiding You To A Healthier Life by Empowering you

Holistic Consultations for

women Children and families 

Using a variety of Alternative health care options

 Specializing in Womens Health and children 

 Special needs children always welcome

I offer the following consultation: 

 Health and Wellness, Weight Control and much more

 I use Herbs, 


Temperaments(typology) Reflexology and more.


Nutrition, Reflexology, Typology, Herbs, Aromatherapy


Holistic Wellness


 Mind Body Spirit

Physical Emotional Spiritual

So who am I? I am a home schooling mom to 10, I have 4 home now and 4 still schooling! 

I am Certified in Nutritional Health, Reflexology, and Typology, I am a practicing Herbalist, studying Aromatherapy, and Finishing school for a degree as a Naturopath and a degree in Unani Tibb Medicine. I have applied the knowledge from my schooling and consulting to make rubs, creams, balms,baths and other Natural products! I was lead to research natural products due to allergies my family and I were experiencing at home with everyday products, cleaning products and personal care products. My interest, knowledge and studies of Alternative Health care, and Natural products are what enabled me to develop my own products and start marketing them. Attending school to be a Naturopath  helped boost my confidence and begin seeing clients! 

Look around see what you can find that interests you, or if you know what you want but do not see it email me, ladyjae@renaissanceofnaturalhealth.com We have a variety of products for your body and hair. Hair Cleaners and Rinse. Notice not a shampoo or soap? I use no lye in my cleaners, they are herb based and work every bit as good with out the harshness. I do have a few that are Glycerine based soaps. I have bar and liquid body bars to clean with as well. Creams, salves and balms help keep the skin smooth, healthy and keep irritations from cuts, scratches and bites from bothering you much. After a stressful day try a relaxing herb n oat bath, in any of many combinations I make them.