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Look around see what you can find that interests you, or if you know what you want but do not see it email me, We have a variety of products for your body and hair. Hair Cleaners and Rinse. Notice not a shampoo or soap? I use no lye in my cleaners, they are herb based and work every bit as good with out the harshness. I do have a few that are Glycerine based soaps. I have bar and liquid body bars to clean with as well. Creams, salves and balms help keep the skin smooth, healthy and keep irritations from cuts, scratches and bites from bothering you much. After a stressful day try a relaxing herb n oat bath, in any of many combinations I make them. Below are some pictures of a few items I have for sale. See the Essence Etsy page to purchase and for more items 

Email with any questions or special requests 

lip balm
large Bites B Gone
gift pack
smells great, cleans and rinses easily exfoliates and softens skin
Oatmeal spice delight bar soap
lip balm
use on bug and bee bites
Bites B Gone use on bug bites n bee stings
Comfrey salve
Doggie bar
Throat N Cough rounds sooths soar throat and eases coughs