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By: ladyjaenh | November 30, 2013

So I had planned on getting this out much much earlier in the month but life happens and I did not manage to. November is National Diabetes Month! With that in mind I wanted to share a link to another site that helps to educate people about diabetes. they talk about the warning signs that you may have Diabetes as well as other related info The link is Life with Diabetes. It has some good info on it.

As well I wanted to share some of the things I have learned about Diabetes working with clients who have Diabetes. I think the most important things I have learned are 1. DIET MATTERS! you have to watch your diet, with proper diet many diabetics can control their diabetes with diet alone! That's huge! to control with food, not needing to take pil...

By: ladyjaenh | February 20, 2013

The news letter will have several topics to cover. Sometimes we will touch on each section and sometimes we wont! It will vary. The Topics for the news letter will be 

Healthy Eating & Dairy Free Eating

Natural Living: cleaning, personal care and home care

Holistic Care A variety of methods used in Natural Health care.

 Finally Q & A with Lady Jae. Where you can ask questions and I will do my best to answer them!

As you can see there have been some major changes in the websites. We have combined Renaissance with Essence and have 2 blogs to write! This and Under The Umbrella and Still Getting Wet a Blog about Autism and other spectrum and related issues.  If you have a topic or questions about Autism please email o...

By: ladyjaenh | February 01, 2013

HealthyEating- dairy Free eating

NaturalLiving, cleaning

HolisticCare, Herbs n More

andfinally Q & A with Lady Jae. 

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