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By: ladyjaenh | November 30, 2013

So I had planned on getting this out much much earlier in the month but life happens and I did not manage to. November is National Diabetes Month! With that in mind I wanted to share a link to another site that helps to educate people about diabetes. they talk about the warning signs that you may have Diabetes as well as other related info The link is Life with Diabetes. It has some good info on it.

As well I wanted to share some of the things I have learned about Diabetes working with clients who have Diabetes. I think the most important things I have learned are 1. DIET MATTERS! you have to watch your diet, with proper diet many diabetics can control their diabetes with diet alone! That's huge! to control with food, not needing to take pills or injections alters a life drastically. Now not everyone can use diet alone, so do not just stop your medications and change the way you eat. That is dangerous. Preferably work with someone knowledgeable about diabetes and the foods you need to eat and avoid eating. This is very important. Not all Nutritionists are trained to handle diabetes so when looking for someone make sure they know their stuff!

2. Weight! yes your weight be it under or the more common over is so very important. If you are over weight you need to loose weight and be at a weight that is best for you. If under weight work on gaining it. By eating right and exercise you can learn to control your weight. Many people that are over weight can loose weight and at the same time shed the diagnoses of diabetes! How awesome is that! Not everyone is that lucky but it happens. If you dont loose the diagnoses you will at least feel better, be easier to control most of the time, be healthier and find your able to do more with life. Diabetes does not need to be a disability. Yes there are times that it is so severe that the person is disabled, and it is so very life altering it shows in all they do. It is scary when that happens. But even those who can not control their Diabetes can control what they eat, portion sizes and wether or not they exercise daily. Daily exercise is important for so many reasons. Weight control, Cardio for heart and lungs, building strong muscles. I am not talking professional weight lifter just healthy! 

Make sure you talk to your Doctor or whoever takes care of those types of needs before starting a diet and exercise program. Make sure it is monitored closely. As you loose or gain weight your medication amounts may need to be changed. Your injections may need altered. Make sure to continue your daily monitoring of your levels and diet. It is important for you to see how different foods effect your levels, your energy, and over all health and how you feel. 

I have worked with several Diabetics and everyone has made significant improvement through diet and exercise. I have 1 client taken off Diabetic Status! Not all make that much improvement but all make a significant improvement.

Something I have also learned is how very important it is to care for your feet! you do not always look at them and as a Diabetic you are prone to many feet issues, including not feeling every cut you get on the foot. So it is important to examine your feet every day, YES EVERY DAY! If they are dry you need a good, all natural lotion, cream, salve or balm to apply on them daily. I suggest to client that they use what they prefer(hopefully all natural) and apply  before bed every night. After applying cream put socks on the feet to make sure it does not come off on blankest and help ensure it soaks into those dry feet. It is so very important to care for your feet. if you find a soar thats not healing, is very painful, looks infected or just does not look right go to your Health Care Provider ASAP. They may need to give you something to help it heal or clear up infection. Do not wait, it can worsen fast. Make sure you wear good shoes, Preferably ones designed for a Diabetic, it truly does make a difference.

Again Check out this site: Life With Diabetes  It is blogged by several blogger and can be a good source of info! 

Also feel free to contact me here or by email to ask questions about Diabetes or other issues. 

I am working on more posts for the near future. I know it has been a while since I last wrote, I had to get a few things in life organized so that I can better focus on my business, this newsletter, and clients. If you have any questions you would like to see answered here for Q & A with lady Jae please email me ASAP and I will see what I can do! If you have suggestions for future topics please send them to me by email. I would love to hear your ideas and topics you need to read about.

For now this blog has come to an end. I will write again soon. I LOVE FEEDBACK! so please don't hesitate!


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