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Empowering you by guiding you to a Healthier life

Women & Men ~ Be healthier

Infants & Children ~ Live healthier

Couples & families! ~ Feel better


Together we can find the best options for you & your family. Using any of the options available 

Nutrition  Herbs  Aromatherapy  

 Reflexology Temperament  and other Natural tools 

to improve Health and life​


Food allergies? Dairy allergy? Finding out your allergic to dairy is life changing, no matter your age things just changed. I can guide you through the changes. Shopping and reading labels  learning the many names dairy hides behind. Amazingly over 100 different names are used by companies to put dairy in food in one form or another. Learning substitutes for the foods no longer allowed. Recipes to use in place of family favorites and ways to keep using the family favorites. Meal planning, nutritional needs, and support as you learn. If not dairy I can still help. There are many food allergens and many food reactions not seen as allergies that still make people sick and need avoided. Iam here to help.

Autism, Aspergers, sensory disorders, and other spectrum disorders

Where ever you are from diagnosed, parent, sibling, friend or other family member I can help. When any diagnosis in the spectrum is brought into life it can be overwhelming. Usually your already dealing with behaviors that brought on the diagnosis now yiu have a name to put with it. Sometimes it can be overwhelming or maybe your looking for another path to deal, view things a little different. Trying to avoid more medical intervention. Alternative methods can be very helpful. I have helped many families and individuals from adults to children navigate the diagnosis falling in the spectrum. Schedules, routines, calming techniques, general support can be found here. Starting with my own children we found ways to work throuh it all and come out better than some expected. 

Anyone in need, who desires to be healthier and to improve their life or lives of family​.

Experience with  Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Sciatica, Nerve Pain

 Bursitis,Trigger Points,  Myofacial Pain Syndrome 

Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Depression, 

diet and  weight, Anxiety disorders, 

 Colds, flue, women's health issues,  Breast feeding issues, and many other issues

 and just not feeling well and over all healthy person wanting to stay healthy!

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